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Now it is different with FIFA ultimate team because everyone can build up his own team and the gameplay has been improved to avoid players playing the same tactics all the time, this is great.

First Hour Fifa Player Testimonial

Hello Fifa Players,

I am Don Alejandro, I live in France and I am a FIFA gamer since nearly 20 years.

I used to be a very good gamer times ago but nowadays I must admit that my level has been lowering, mainly because I do not play as much as when I was a kid.

The thing that I really liked for years in FIFA was the number of licences, the real tournaments and championships, the real players and so on.

I must admin that since the late 90th, the game evolution has been incredible. It is now a very beautifull game with realistic players behaviours and is really pleasant to play.

I remember when the game started to launch online, the thing I did not like was the fact that a lot of players were playing with the same teams and with the same gameplay. Now it is different with FIFA ultimate team because everyone can build up his own team and the gameplay has been improved to avoid players playing the same tactics all the time, this is great.

Now I must admit that I will not buy FIFA 16 next season. Why ? Well, not because I do not like the game, because I do, but because when I play a football game, it is to enjoy my time and not to be frustrated. Let me explain:

Few years ago, I remember FIFA producers introducing a brand new exciting feature they were calling momentum, and, despite what is said nowadays, at this time there was no problem about advertising about it. And that was really excellent because it has to deal with the team mental during each quarter of time. During a quarter you could have your team being much responsive and during another because they were winning to easily the players started to do some mistakes.

Since then, I forgot about this feature because it became part of the game and was participating to the really great football simulation features I liked.

Unfortunately, this last FIFA 15 was not meeting my expectations. I tried plenty of different strategies, read some guides on the internet to build up my ultimate team, spent hours on the trading market trying to make coins (and succeeded), bought among the best players, but nothing helped me to retrieve my original level.

Finally I decided to make a simple test and bought the worst team you could imagine on the game (around 45 general skill average, with no player better than 50) and something strange happened: My results did not change, my victory ratio was still about 2 victory and 1 defeat/draw per 3 matches, which is still correct but far from my glory fifa days years ago.

Then I understood that simulation was not the strongest feature of fifa, but simulating the simulation was. And that is not what I am expecting of a football game. Maybe I will have a look at FIFA 16 Coins to keep in touch with this game that I really like during years and years, but for me now, I think it is time to leave and try out other football games corresponding to my vision of what a real football simulation should be.

For me now, FIFA is a wicked football ARCADE game, but not a simulation anymore.

Thanks for reading.

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