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Everyone knows the best trio in game on PS4 are Ronny Messi Robben, then how to park the bus with them at full chem? Here are what I am doing every game

FIFA Ultimate Park the Bus tutorial for PS4 users

Everyone knows the best trio in game on PS4 are Ronny Messi Robben, then how to park the bus with them at full chem? Here are what I am doing every game; if you are as bad as me (d3-d4 level skill) but desparate want to win the game, you should try it.

when I park my bus in d1, here is what Im doing every game.

bronze bench with all + 15 chikhaoui and all other 6 lowest rated bronze to lower my FIFA team rating to 81.

front trio 95 ronny, 96 messi, 96 robben

all rest 7 defenders: ramires, lahm, perez, marcelo, toty luiz, boateng, piszcech

start game 433-4 for chen reasons & to make opponents believe Im attacking.

after game min0 pause, change to 4312, set messi CAM around box, all 3 midfield and 2 fullback "stay in the back", max all game setting to 85-90, aggression & pressure to 100, width to 35-40.

start game, team pressing, park the bus

once get ball, use messi to push to midfield, pace abuse by 95 ronny & 96 robben, with 20% lob 60% zigzag 20% double tap cross.

sub all 99 chikhaoui at 66min of the worse of thre two, spam scoop turn.

control messi ronny robben to tackle once opposite get balls, each of them avg 0.6-0.8 yellow cards per game, after they get yellow cards, use ramires/perez to tackle, I avg 3-4 yellow cards and 25 tacles effective per game.

enjoy the win.

btw 4312 with 3 defensive sweaty midfields setting stay in the back is the best bus I tested from all optons for months, you park the bus but not sacrificing high pressure in midfield; and you can easily ping pong pass, best abuse of fifa15 mechanism; only weak in wings, I dont know how to cross anyway, in rare cases I use the easier double tap cross.

everything in this approach can be done with very little control, but very repetitive; I found it systematically more sweaty than ibarbo lob abusing.

I have won d1 several times fyi, but never found it fun.

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