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If you like a tiki tala style of FIFA football then stop reading now, as this guy is not for you. This is because his main Achilles heel lies in his ball control and dribbling

FIFA TOTS Aubameyang: An honest review

I did one of these reviews last week for TOTS John Terry and it seemed to go down quite well so I thought I'd do another this week, and seeming as though there is only one layer everybody is talking about, I might as well do it on the sweat prince himself.

To start with I should mention that I expected a lot from this player. He was quite pricey (I picked him up for 1.2 million on PS) and, after looking at his IG stats I expected even more. There is quite simply no flaw in them, and they suggest that he has everything a striker needs.

Obviously the main attraction for Aubameyang is that 99 pace, the first player to reach that stat since the 99 charity edition of Messi in FIFA 12. As you would have thought, he is fast. Very fast. Off the ball he is probably the fastest running attacker i've used this year. He was a pleasure to play through balls to, if he was even half a yard in front of a defender then you would be away.

But maybe that is too straightforward. You have to expect him to be that quick, as you may soon discover that this is the only way he can play. If you like a tiki tala style of FIFA football then stop reading now, as this guy is not for you. This is because his main Achilles heel lies in his ball control and dribbling. He did not feel smooth on the ball at all, and I didn't notice a particular upgrade with his dribbling over his SIF. Maybe its his height? Or balance? But I often felt like I was walking through mud when trying to run at the more commonly used defenders.

His shot was a completely different story however, and was probably my favourite part about this guy. He finishes everything. 96 finishing isn't a lie, and while I'm trying not to exaggerate, I cannot remember missing a 1on1 with his right foot. I'm currently standing on 34 goals in 13 games, an incredible record. His long shots/finesses were great too. I'm not a huge fan of the finesse shots on the game this year, as most drift here there and everywhere, no matter who I have. But Aubameyang seemed to slot quite a few in from about 20-30 yards out, which was a nice surprise.

Overall, I really do believe that Aubameyang is a great player, but he is also a player that needs a particular type of game plan. Like I said above, if your the type of player who likes a player who can weave in and out of defences with ease, then this guy is not for you. Coming straight off from using TOTS Diego Costa every game, I found it tough to adapt my game to Aubameyang's play style. But if you play a counter attacking style of play, while playing balls through to the attackers or crossing into the box from the wing then this guy will suit you down to the ground. His clinical finishing, blistering pace, strength and aerial ability makes him the complete forward in FIFA 15 and really shouldn't be missed, but that is about all he has. Do not expect any more than that, as you will be in for a big disappointment.

Thanks for reading guys, if you have any questions about Aubameyang drop them below and I'll try to answer them asap. I've used the large majority of TOTS players now too, so if you want me to write up another review then just ask. Thanks for reading till the end once again.

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