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FUT doesn't even mention a manual vs manual option. Lobbies don't exist anymore to meet up with random manual FIFA players.

FIFA PS4 North American Full Manual Players

As mentioned in some other threads, long story short, manual controls are not advertised much in FIFA15. It's almost impossible to find other players in seasons mode. FUT doesn't even mention a manual vs manual option. Lobbies don't exist anymore to meet up with random manual FIFA players.

Why North American? I've come to realize that connection quality matters a lot, a lot, when playing with manual controls. Being in North America, I'm interested in finding other manual players from my area for a better connection and experience. I've played against many Europeans, and there is definitely a difference between playing someone overseas.

I'd like to generate a list of manual players in my area to hopefully create our own little community. Play each other in friendlies and more likely, if we can get the numbers, convert it into competitions like leagues or tournaments.

I don't want to close doors completely to others in this thread, so if there is activity I will also list other regions on this top post. But for starters, I'd like to create a PS4 North American Full Manual players list.

Please post your PSN username (formatted correctly), time zone and region like I will in the following post. Other comments and manual discussions are also welcome.

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