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I may have been playing FUT since '11 but this is my first time on the forums so forgive me if I'm not posting in the correct place or doing something else wrong so apologies in advance!

FIFA Offside and Slide Shot Issues

I may have been playing FUT since '11 but this is my first time on the forums so forgive me if I'm not posting in the correct place or doing something else wrong so apologies in advance!

Anyways I've seen two recurrent issues in FUT (not sure if it's all of Fifa because I mainly play fut but most likely it is).

1) The way Offside is implemented: I'm sure most people have experienced (while on offense) passing to a player that is offside, but seeing a teammate that was onside who is able to get to the ball sprinting towards it, then trying to switch control of the offside player to the onside player to try and get through in on goal, only to have the ref call offside even though the offside player hadn't touched the ball yet and was presumably not even going for the ball.

Or on defense, you intercept a ball going to an offside opposing attacker (meaning the ball hadn't touched the offside player yet) and try to start a swift counterattack, only to have that opportunity thwarted by the ref who called a premature offside call.

There are other examples as well but these stick out the most in my mind.

I could be mistaken in that these are what IRL refs are supposed to do, but at least from my experience of watching games, it seems that IRL refs do not call offsides nearly as premature as in-game refs do.

TLDR; it seems that refs in the game call offsides much to prematurely in some situations which prevents/stops the flow of the game.

2) Extremely powerful sliding shots:

It seems as if when players slide to shoot the ball, the ball comes off as a cannon and goes much faster than physics should allow it because sliding to a ball and shooting it should (I think?) be much less powerful than regularly shooting a ball.

If you watch slo-mo replays of some goals scored by sliding shots, everything will appear as it should, slow motion, until the ball gets kicked, where the ball is the only object in the replay that looks as if it's playing at normal runtime.

Again not sure if this was intended or how it's supposed to be or if it's a bug of some sorts but I thought I'd try and share my thoughts

Anyways thanks for giving this a read and if I did anything wrong, please let me know!

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