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Going into the 2015-2016 season and game there needs to be great changes to the game. Below are what I've gathered from the community and myself as what EA need to do

FIFA 16 UT: What do YOU want?

I've made previous articles about this topic if you'd like to check them out look at my previous discussions. Going into the 2015-2016 season and game there needs to be great changes to the game. Below are what I've gathered from the community and myself as what EA need to do. Note: Some are my opinion and give credit to pics I don't own. Leave your ideas and I'll add them as well as your username.


-Price Ranges update regularly every 2 or 3 days

-Keepers fixed (No longer get chipped from 50 yards unless off of line but only come off if pressing y or triangle.)

-Players feel more fluently to let the player feel like they are in control.

-Players never do not receive coins after games, divisions, or tournaments

-Players always receive points in divisions.


-Leave your Fixes in the comments and i'll add them.]


-Trade offers so players can sell basically EX:I have Messi but he's not selling I can find someone with IF Aguero and trade.

-Daily Rewards for playing a game EX:I come on everyday and play 1 game probably lose 8-0 but still get 1,000 coins + match coins.

-Weekly rewards for playing 1 game each day for 7 days = 9,000-15,000 coins.

-Friendly Season + Friendly Leagues like the BPL or Friendly Tournaments you can play with your friends EX: Set up BPL style league but only 20 games in the league and winner gets 10-20k.

-Offline Leagues EX: You can play in the BPL, Liga BBVA, or any other league and play them and win the league =50k for around 38-40 games also the chance of getting in the Copa Del RAy, FA Cup, Champions league =30k for 8-10 games. Chelsea Difficulty= Professional Crystal Palace Difficulty= Amateur (Don't know if this could work in online.)

-Challenges to complete that offer coin awards EX: Score a hat-trick 3 games in a row Offline=7,500 Online= 20k

-Kit/Badge creator

-EA can not do generations on the game due to licenses but what they can do is IN PRIME cards for EX: Wayne Rooney IN PRIME card =89 rated because he was in his prime at the current club he is at

-(PROBABLY NOT) Lower Fifa Points/ Pack cost because I am the average fifa player and don't have $3,000 on the game weekly I probably have $30 monthly so saying that I wouldn't spend $100 on 12,000 Fifa Points I would however spend $100 on 26,000 Fifa Points because I get more value for my money so looking at it from a companies view someone who originally wasn't going to spend money on fifa points will spend more because of the lowered cost leading to more people buying fifa points.

-Tournaments pay out more or give (untradeable) packs to help people build team without spending money on the game EX: 5k Tourney with 15k (Untradeable) Pack

-I've mentioned this Idea in my previous articles but Player of the months/ Team of the months.

-Everytime FIFA down time gets extended we get 10k fifa coins compensation for our wait.

-Nutmeg ability by pressing the right analog stick down with player with 75+ Dribbling and has 40% chance of working on players.

-More fun game modes EX:Penalty shootouts with friends.

-100+ rated stats and cards so no limit on informs

-Play offline teams for fun

-Player reward tournaments EX: Green Keane class

Ways for EA to make money

-EA can charge to change our club names to make money.

-EA can charge to make kits and badges.

-EA can charge us to bring our virtual pro who starts at 49 rated into UT

-EA can charge us to bring down fifa point cost

-EA can charge us for 99 contract cards

-EA can charge us for pack bundls EX:5 100k packs in one for $20

-EA can charge us for access for monthly giveaways

-EA can charge us for unbanning

-EA can charge us for membership to Elite club or something like that for a daily free 7.5k pack and coins as well as an untradeable player every month.

-EA can charge us for access to new game modes.

-EA can charge us for loan player contracts (limit of 3 times)

EA can add those things above if they like but will have another way to make money.

Be sure to add your ideas and ill give credit


-The Average FIFA player Jose Rodriguez

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