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The full speed 90 degree turn is just unreal in FIFA's even crazier than the games before FIFA 14.the big feature of FIFA 14 was the player momentum and locomotion

FIFA 16 sprinting physics fail by dolphnar

I though to bring this topic here from Pre-Launch site as this could be a major exploit

It seems only few of you understand what I mean. now I uploaded some videos for the demonstration of the wrong physics in FIFA 16.. see the links at the bottom.

hope all of you can see this problem and the developer can patch the game

dont know if anyone has mentioned it before..

I seldom post on forums, but i feel it is really stupid this time.

The full speed 90 degree turn is just unreal in FIFA 16....

it's even crazier than the games before FIFA 14.

the big feature of FIFA 14 was the player momentum and locomotion

it had been criticized for a long time players can turn 90 degree very quickly (I think from FIFA 10 to 13).

how can EA miss it this year?

try using R2 and the right stick ONLY. every players can perform 90 degree turn while sprinting, without reducing the speed!

also you can do this by just holding R2 and use the left stick

this will ruin the game this year

Links added:

for all the videos, I held the sprint button R2 all the time.

the 1st video shows the players can change direction at 90 degree quite quickly

(even the goalkeeper)

FIFA 16 DEMO R2 sprinting & turn


the 2nd video shows with the use of RIGHT analogue stick

FIFA 16 DEMO wrong physics, right analogue sprint & turn (1)


the 3rd video shows the effect on a more agile player

FIFA 16 DEMO wrong physics, right analogue sprint & turn (2)


the 4th & 5th video shows how the physics is in FIFA 15 (and it was more realistic at this move)

FIFA 15 sprint & turn with left analogue


FIFA 15 sprint & turn with right analogue

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