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Now it looks like EA may be tweaking this again as you can see from the official FIFA 16 1.04 patch notes which we have from EA below.

FIFA 16 1.04 update notes for PS4, Xbox One

We are pleased to confirm that the next FIFA 16 update for PS4 and Xbox One is almost ready for release. We know this, as the FIFA 16 1.04 update or Title Update 4 has already gone live on PC and as a result – we can bring you a heads up on the FIFA 16 1.04 update notes in advance.


We know that many of you were not happy with the last update that adjusted the price ranges of items by default – which meant that you had to spend longer in the market lowering prices.


Now it looks like EA may be tweaking this again as you can see from the official FIFA 16 1.04 patch notes which we have from EA below.

Also coming in this update is ability to search your club items by Nationality in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team which should make things a lot more convenient for you.


As for gameplay changes, EA has noted that they have improved through ball accuracy when close to the sideline, as well as improving pass receiver selection and improvements on balancing sprinting dribble turns.


Finally, EA states that you should no longer receive a crash when unsuspending online games since we know many of you were complaining about this on the current 1.03 build.


So there we have it for the next FIFA 16 changes – expect this update to go live on console very soon. Let us know when you have it and any other undocumented changes not included in the notes.

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