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In FIFA PES when you play training games you play at that teams empty stadium, it looks awesome, please add this to Fifa so I can practice inside an empty Old Trafford rather than a silly generic arena...

FIFA 15 PS4 Career Mode & Other Issues

- Manager Career - When we start a new career you give us such simple basic options for the appearance, why not make it a little more detailed? Add the Game Face option for example so I can add my own face likeness to my manager so it looks like me, just like I can for my pro when I start a FIFA player career?

- World Cup 2010 game had cut-scenes of managers on the touchlines, now I know Fifa doesn't have licensed managers, but why cant you implement these cut-scenes for my created manager in CM? It would greatly profit from my above post, being able to see my created manager on the touchline shouting instructions / getting angry / celebrating etc..

- Please add cut-scenes for new signings, and for when I join a new FIFA club (Manager or Player)

- Please add the option of being able to turn injuries completely OFF, I know injuries are part of the real game, but Rooney being out for 5months in a computer game is annoying, I should have the option to turn them OFF If i want too, im not asking to get rid of injuries but be able to turn them off..

- Why cant I randomise the fixtures? Its good having the real fixtures in the game, but it makes CM boring every time you play it starting off playing the exact same games, in the exact same order, add the option to have real fixtures or completely random generated ones as an option before I start a new career..

- Kit clashes, I played a season with Aston Villa, and many of their games resulted in kit clashes as they only have a white away kit, therefore every time I played away against a team in red & white the kits clashed, you have the BPL license so why don't Aston Villa have their 3rd kit?

- Same goes for GK's, they only have 1 kit? Where are the GK away kits? So they don't clash kits, which is a Fifa rule..

- Why is there no loan option in the offline menu's? I have already put Fernando Torres at Atletico Madrid in Edit Teams myself, but when I started a new Career he's permanently at Atletico, when he should be on Loan from Milan, let us transfers players offline, but also name their parent club (Loan them out)

- Add undershirts and a winter gear option into edit player? Because if we currently edit a player they lose their winter gear!?

- On the above post, its great you've added the tight kit option, but you've also added a "team default" option, so why haven't you used it!? If I sign an Arsenal player, for example i've transferred Podolski to Inter (Because I cant loan him) and he's still wearing a tight kit at Inter, all the Arsenal players (and any other teams' players who wear tight kits) should have the "team default" option added to them, therefore if they move they no longer wear the tight kit, as it should only be assigned to teams who wear tight kits like Arsenal! In fact what you should be doing is setting this "tight kit" option to Arsenal, not the individual players, a bit of common sense?

- Why isn't the default cam editable? Its not even assigned a name? It shouldn't be set as default but as another named camera angle, Broadcast 2 or something? So we can edit it!

- Handballs don't work? Even though I have them set to ON?

- When I change a players squad number in CM, I cant see who has the number im replacing? Very confusing as I don't know if that number is vacant or not!?

- Every time I start a new Career Mode I have to input my name EVERY time, cant you add the option to save the last name entered!? Again, a bit of common sense.. 

- In PES when you play training games you play at that teams empty stadium, it looks awesome, please add this to Fifa so I can practice inside an empty Old Trafford rather than a silly generic arena.. 

You should get one of your devs or a Fifa gamer who plays CM alot to play through CM and pick up on all these silly little issues that shouldn't exist, and also suggest improvements that can be made to the mode.

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