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I also have TOTS Finaly and TOTS Moor but I've only used them for a game or so, so no thoughts as yet. If anyone has any questions let me know and I'll try and answer.

FIFA 15 MLS TOTS Basic Thoughts

It's been an absolute pain this time around, but sniped a few players to share some basic thoughts - these are basic thoughts over 7-8 games or so per player, all online seasons (Div 4), enough time to have a raw opinion.

Gold TOTS:

Dempsey - I quite liked him - he's big, has a cracking shot. Played him at CF, and he was good fun. Pace increase is noticeable over his SMOTM which I was using previously - however, he is not fast by any stretch of the imagination, and in the 2 games I used him at ST, I was not impressed. Performed great at CF, and I'd imagine him to be the perfect CAM if your formation permits.

Villa: Extremely dissapointing - I don't understand why - his SIF was a great card to play with, and who doesn't love 5* WF's? Inside the box he's deadly with his finishing, but he feels really weak and slow - the pace upgrade from his SIF is not noticeable - I'm not saying it's not there, just that you can't really tell. Long shots are great, but if FIFA 15 that's not a huge plus point. I used him at CF, and much preferred Dempsey.

Bradley: I loved Bradley's NIF card, and I love his TOTS. He's an absolute monster, with huge strength, 99 stamina, great passing, and suspiciously good dribbling. He has one of those "body models" in FIFA that is the best for a CM and can crack long shots when needed. Used him as a CM and was one of my favourite cards in the MLS TOTS.

Lampard - Used him for 3 games then sold him - was really bad as a CM for me, maybe would have been better as a CAM, but didn't have the space up front to try him out. Gerrard was perfect as a CM.

Gerrard: Unlike Lampard, an amazing card to play with - can pass, shoot, dribble, defend - incredible CM, and him and bradley make a solid pairing. I thought his long shots would be better (they were pretty crap), but his corners, free kicks are superb. Feels much better than his average TOTS in FIFA 14.

Ciman: He was the first player I sniped on the first night of TOTS (probably because of his low rating) - but he was a waste of money. The ideal CB pairing is IF Opara (best silver CB in the game, maybe tied with TOTS Van Beek) and TOTS Bessler. Ciman feels weak small and he'll be selling for min in a couple of days. Avoid unless you really like the player.


Castillo: I was extremely excited for this card, and his NIF was a lot of fun to play with. Sadly, the reality is quite different. It's a good card, but his NIF is nearly as good, and this card costs 500k fifa 15 coins - I really tried to like this card, and he was the "best" LW in the MLS and I love false 9's - after about 10 games with him, I sold him with the expectation that he'll be available as people use him and sell him later this week and I'd lose more money. I still use the false 9, but with Castillo's NIF Card. Maybe i just expected too much, but this was my biggest disappointment (relative to his NIF) of the MLS TOTS. Terrible finishing, heavy first touches (that make him feel faster, but good defenders always get the ball away) and he's weak as hell. Damn.

TOTS Gonzalez - On paper he looks amazing - 6"5, good pace, good strength, good defending. But he moves like a bus without wheels, making him a liability in a 2 man defence, even alongside IF Opara - considering how weak the MLS goalies are, It was extremely frustrating. Again, I thought I'd like this card, but he feels slower than he is, and is tough to manoeuvre - if the opponent gets past him, he's not able to turn back and catch up.

Bessler - Permanent place in my team. Best CB from this TOTS - l/h workrates, pace, strength and decent defending. Main complaint is he's short and feels short - so pair him up with a bigger guy, or a 3ATB for best results. 81 pace short defenders don't feel so impressive after using TOTS Nkolou and Van Beek.

Beltran: He seems to be one of the easiest to snipe from the silvers, and he's a decent RB, but if you have the option of RB Wynne or Yedlin, I don't think it's much of a choice. Wynne is my preffered monster, and I thought Beltran could do the job - he's a better defender but he can't pass for his life. If you want a more attacking RB, use Yedlin (or the best USA RB, Fabian Johnson, but he's bundesliga), and if more defensive, try Wynne. Can't really recommend Beltran tbh.

Tierny - Frankly, just too slow as :B in this game. Get's beaten for pace every time. I haven't sniped TOTS Da Marcus yet, but I use NIF Klute and he's decent until I get TOTS Beasly. Tierny was easy to snipe, but just not a very good LB. Has good strength, and feels good on the ball in game, but in this sweaty age of FIFA, he's a relic. Not big enough to be so slow.

Ousted - Pretty average keeper - just using him for the Tourney, and will then replace him with Howard. He's the better of the 2 MLS TOTS Keepers due to his height, but don't expect him to win you games. No Long Throw also hurts.

I also have TOTS Finaly and TOTS Moor but I've only used them for a game or so, so no thoughts as yet. If anyone has any questions let me know and I'll try and answer.

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