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So the passing game, the way FIFA should be played IMO is out the window for me. So what does someone like me do? Join the LB+Y circus and spam my way to lobbed ball heaven?

FIFA 15 Game Rendered Completely Useless

game for me is rendered completely and utterly useless!!

If you are someone who doesn't suffer with any lag in terms of button delay and simulation delay then you are onto a winner. You will be fine.

But if like me you want to desperately enjoy this game even though the market etc is messed up beyond belief you have no chance.

I cant play the passing game. The passing game you see the like of Jukez etc play is completely out of my reach on this game because of passing where i aim the pass doesn't go where i intend. Players deciding to take an extra touch.

My opponent who will YOLO tackle or dry hump into my players to win the ball back. Or even at times because there is such delay the opponent will be able to get his player across and intercept the ball because his player is literally faster then the ball.

I have players who have ball control of 86+ from various players and high agility. Yet you pass a ball to them and they take 2-3 extra touches of the ball.

Switch this over to my opponent who does a LB+Y ball from inside his own box and his NIF Aubameyang will bring that ball down and control it like a boss.

So the passing game, the way FIFA should be played IMO is out the window for me. So what does someone like me do? Join the LB+Y circus and spam my way to lobbed ball heaven?

Its truly and utterly pathetic how with each year this game gets worse and worse and worse and worse.

When is this game one day going to become the game we truly enjoy because at the moment its quite frankly an arcade game where you have all the licences etc supported by some shoddy potato servers.

When is this game going to stop feeling like a chore. Because what i want is FIFA to be the game i used to enjoy playing because of my love for football.

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