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Just to let you guys know Price Ranges are not the solution as they're not allowing people to attain players. It has also made fifa coins so much cheaper than they were before which does not benefit you in anyway

FIFA 15 Coins have become so cheap

Hello EA,

I recently logged onto FUT today only to encounter that most of the valuables players on the market are extinct on the PS Market, including all the TOTY Players that recently had 10 Pages of them and most informs and all the expensive normal cards. E.g. Ronaldo (92) Neuer (90) Messi (93)

There are 2 possible reasons why this happening.

Coin farmers and illegitimate traders have bought all those players on the market aware you guys will increase their Price Ranges by doing so, therefore they will make profit.

Or, coins have become so cheap due to the fact you still haven't fixed the main glitching people can just buy these players within no time.

Just to let you guys know Price Ranges are not the solution as they're not allowing people to attain players. It has also made coins so much cheaper than they were before which does not benefit you in anyway. The problem is the price of FIFA Points. However, I have a solution that will tackle the same problem, stopping coin sellers, and also make players available on the market.

Firstly, the Price Ranges will need to be removed to make this happen, but it has a more positive impact to it.

Significantly reduce a players minimum price as they may not sell, when a player is listed their minimum Price has to be within a certain range. E.g. 20,000 coins to 120,000 fifa 15 coins. He is currently 120,000 coins but some people including me like to place low start prices on players to allow people to outbid each other.

Remove the Buy Now Price for one week to monitor the market changes. Doing this will just allow coins to be sold easier to I have a solution to stop this happening.

Make the 'Item Details' on players blank or not visible when a player has been listed. It should even be reset until the player has been sold! It's the reason why coins are being passed around so easily, it's unbelievable how it hasn't been recognised. When a player is listed for transfer, all attributes are reset and Chemistry styles will be reset to Basic. Contracts and Fitness will be reset to 7 contracts and 99 Fitness.

This way players won't be different from others and coins won't be able to be sold.

After the prices become stable you can then apply the Max Price Cap, because too many new TOTW players are extinct upon release.

Another way coins are sold is through account selling.

Simple solution. A sufficient amount of games must be played to attain a certain number of coins unless a highly rated player has been packed pulled. It is unusual playing 7 games and having 131,000 match coins. So for example, if you play a tournament which is 4 games, you will make 2,000 coins + reward which will equal 7,000 coins in 4 games. Unless highly rated players have been attained through packs, accounts should not be able to have a certain amount of coins unless the games played match it. You'll be able to realise glitched accounts this way and coin buyers and easily ban them.

For FIFA 16 please separate the PS3 And PS4 market. All the glitches happening on Old Gen is affecting Next Gen consoles.

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