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Undershorts: Why are they defaulted to every single player in Fifa, and only when it rains, snows or is overcast? Add them as an option!

Edit FIFA Player Revamp?

This mode is great for offline players to really customize their game, and correct player appearances etc to make their Career Mode as realistic and up to date as possible, but a few issues prevent us from doing so, so I suggest a revamp of this mode and here is a few ideas:

Winter Gear Bug: When we so much as change a players boots, edit his stats or appearance, then save that player then loses his winter gear, and seeing as there is no option of winter gear (undershirt/undershorts) in the menu, were stuck with the player wearing what we save him in (no undershirt). This bug has existed for years now, and there is absolutely no excuse for it to have not been fixed (or even patched) by now..

(Why add new boots into the catalogue when we cant put them onto players because of the above mentioned winter gear bug? Its great you've added new boots, but I cant put Falcao's new boots onto him without him losing his undershirt? We know you update appearances in the squad updates every Friday but you miss a lot, and sometimes don't update players for weeks or months, so we would please like the option to correct appearances ourselves without being penalised for doing so! That is the point of this mode isn't it ..)

Undershorts: Why are they defaulted to every single player in Fifa, and only when it rains, snows or is overcast? Add them as an option! Lampard wears them all year round like Rooney does with the undershirt.. Add long undershorts too? That Robben wears for example..

Wrist Tape: This is in the game, as I've seen players like Di Maria wear it, but in Edit Player the only options we get is a hand bandage and sweat band? If wrist tape is in the game add it to Edit Player!

Bracelet: Same as above ^

Wrong Sleeves: I've recently updated De Gea's boots myself (because you haven't updated them in the squad update) and he now wears short sleeves all year round even though I have him set to wear long sleeves!? hat is he point of having he long sleeve option if he wears short!? The simple Winter Gear option I've already suggested would address this..

Revert a Player to Default: When we save a player, we cant them revert him back to his default appearance? So if we notice these bugs (Winter Gear & De Gea examples) and save him, were stuck with how he has been saved, a simple “Default Player” option wouldn't go a miss so we can at least revert our mistakes....

Also when you zoom in on a player to change his appearance etc. (upper body) zoom in further so you get this type of view:

Game Face: Why cant we use Game Face to apply a created face for generic players? That way the community could create a lot of faces for players who don't have one, and share them?

Hairstyles: Don't you think it's a about time we can at least change a player's hairstyle ourselves? If a player changes his hair in real life, we shouldn't have to wait 5 years for you to update him, we could simply do it ourselves, even something so simple as changing Falcao's headband from the default black colour to a white one like he wears for Man Utd..

This is how Edit Player should look with the new options:

* Boots:

* Hairstyle:

* Sleeve Length: Short, Long or 3/4

* Tight Kits: Off, On or Team Default (And I suggest setting this option to the actual teams who wear these kits not the individual players who play for them, so set tight kits to Arsenal and not their players like Podolski for example, as now he is still wearing a tight Kit for Inter Milan, which him nor Inter have!)

* Undershirt: Off, On or Winter Only (Setting it to On would see players wear it all year round, like Rooney does, and Winter Only would wear short or long sleeves in the summer, and an undershirt in the winter - which is essentially the Winter Gear option)

* Undershorts: On, Off, Winter Only

* Undershorts Length: Short or Long (Robben)

* Wrist Tape Left: Off or On

* Colour: White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Same As Kit (whatever the default kit colour is, this would get round players like Reus who wears yellow when playing in Dortmunds home kit, and black when in their away kit)

* Wrist Tape Right: Off or On

* Colour: White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Same As Kit

* Sweat Band: Same as above ^

* Hand Bandage: Same as above ^

* Bracelet: Same as above ^

* Headband Colour: If applicable

* Body Type: Lean, Bulky or Large

* Default Player: Yes / No

* Copy Player: Select player (This would be used to copy another player, like Ronaldo for example, then revert everything back to default apart from whatever you wanted to stay on this player of Ronaldo's, for example his hairstyle. This feature is called Base Copy in PES and is awesome)

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