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A Little bit about me- I've been playing fifa religiously since Fifa 2003, and ultimate team has been my preferred game mode since I started in Fifa 2011

Easy 352 Formation Guide- A FIFA Skillers Dream?

A Little bit about me- I've been playing fifa religiously since Fifa 2003, and ultimate team has been my preferred game mode since I started in Fifa 2011. I would say I'm a fairly decent player, I'm constantly there or there abouts in Division 1 and have found myself being fairly competitive in Community Cups and other Community tournaments. My playstyle has always involved a heavy use of skills and long shots, which as nice as they are can somtimes result in a lack of competitiveness. This is something I was striving for, I wanted to find the correct blend of attractive, skillful and long shot taking football but remaining competitive whilst doing so, and this is where I found the 352 to be most useful. I even managed to convert to try the formation for a week after I played him, he said it felt like an exhibition match when he played agianst me whilst I was using it.

352 Basics

The 352 is a formation which became most popular in Fifa 13, the 5 man midfield was and still is crazily strong with the two CDMs, whilst still remaining potent when attacking with a CAM and two Strikers, having 2 men up top also makes the formation versatile. Last year we saw a dip in 352 popularity as crossing became so strong that many people felt that the lack of wingbacks made this formation unusable. I feel that this year with crossing being nerfed some what that the 352 is THE BEST formation on the game and here is why;

Thanks for reading, this was aimed to be just a short guide into how I find success this year, If you have any questions then feel free to post below. I will post some of my succesful team in the next few hours. Make sure you let me know if you want me to add anything and if this hits off I might add a few more bits of detail.

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