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If you've been left a little lost by FIFA 17 's new way of taking free-kicks, then do not fear - you're not alone.

EA release FIFA 17 free-kick tutorial after new style confuses the hell out of everybody

If you've been left a little lost by FIFA 17 's new way of taking free-kicks, then do not fear - you're not alone.


The new style has confused the hell out of everybody. It even had the guys at EA HQ confuddled as it's taken them two months to release the video above.


The tutorial shows you how to finally take the best edge of the box set-piece possible, hopefully ending all your free-kick nightmares.


There's basic and advanced tips.


We are taught how to gain a longer run-up, how to aim and of course shoot.


But we are also shown how to generate different kinds of spin on the ball and how to add both more power and height.


What it doesn't solve, is that no matter how good you get at free-kicks you still won't be able to score if the bloke you're playing puts a man on the line.

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And I'm happy to report he replicates this excellence in game. His dribbling as in previous years is sublime, best in the game, along with his agility and pace which allow him to get past any player and tight spots.


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Very strange, both fifa 15 players look bemused by what just happened.ONE MINUTE! How is it one minute?

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