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In FIFA 14, we got a lot of info. They told us about the new search engine, the season modes, etc. What new additions are you holding out hope for?

Do you think EA will make any changes to UT in FIFA 16?

Last year, we didn't get much info about the mode at all. There was no changes, even the card design looked similar to FIFA 14.

In FIFA 14, we got a lot of info. They told us about the new search engine, the season modes, etc. What new additions are you holding out hope for?

For me, I want...

1. Create a kit/badge

2. No chemistry - instead, a "Team Spirit" like in PES where you earn the chemistry and build morale by winning matches.

3. Higher rewards for winning tournaments

4. No market. Lets be honest, the price ranges have been a bad addition. I'd much prefer a trade market like in TOPPS KICK where WE decide the worth of the players. Going through various trades could be fun and I loved this back in FIFA 11. We would get a free pack for winning a match like in last years WC mode and we would get 3 packs for winning the division. Yeah it will suck not being able to buy various players but thats part of the journey. Getting a non rare from your favourite team will feel like a good pack cause you can't get him on the market anymore.

5. Higher IF boosts. No more +1s. I want to see crazy stat boosts like in FIFA 11. If Remy scores a hat trick, I want to see him go from 80 rated to 83 rated. I don't see why EA are being so reluctant with their stat increases? It's a game.

6. Bring back the squared card design and maybe they could also do some cool "Limited edition" cards like they do in TOPPS KICK with the signature on the front. I think that would be cool.

7. Bring back REAL Happy Hours. 2x the chance, every monday at 6! This used to be so good.

What are you hoping to see? And do you think we'll see any of this at all?

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