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FUT has always been for me about having the best FIFA players in the team and winning D1

Bringing underwhelming FIFA 15 teams into D1 with Success

Getting pretty bored of the game doing the same thing over and over again and decided to give cheap players a try in division 1 and boy was i surprised how good some of these players are. FUT has always been for me about having the best players in the team and winning D1. So this year i tried to do something different and bring a relatively cheap squad with underused players into D1 and see how i fare. Included a mini review of the players as well. Some of them needs replacing as i don't feel they are performing as well as the other players in the team.

Team 1


Ruffier: Very very good keeper. Almost as good as Courtouis and Llroris when i use them. Doesnt make mistakes and is very good when it comes to one on one. Shout out to IF Szczesny if anyone wants to use a good keeper in the BPL.

Kurzawa: Underrated LB. He cleans up the left flank when the midfield gets exposed. Rarely gets beaten and actually very good in the air. He and cedric are my first line of defence when the midfield gets over-run. Interception and steady in the tackle. Well recommended.

Perrin: One word. BEAST. best CB of Ligue 1 definately for me. Can definately say on par with Thigo silva but better as silva usually gets beaten in the air but Perrin is so good in the air and also on the ground. A must have for Ligue 1 enthusiast or any french team should be one of the players to be included.

Abdennour: Overshadowed only by Perrin being the star of the backline, he is actually very very strong. 86 physical is not a lie. Rarely do i get pushed by Ibarbos or any midget strikers. Infact, Tevez has nothing on this guy. If you use the push and pull, a body check usually sends the opponent sprawling.

Cedric: To be honest, was only there to give chemistry to Nani but a surprise package in defence. On the way to the title, played a very good team and was against Ribery and he kept his own. Definately one of the better RBs in the portugese league only behind IF Danilo in terms of performance.


Matuidi: Busy as a bee. Used him in H2H and he was by far one of my favourite player in seasons. Strong in the tackle and always seems to be everywhere on the pitch to break up play. Better than Ramires i might say. Not really an unknown but definately one of the best in Ligue 1.

IF Payet: Needs abit to getting used to. Used IF Gourcuff and really like him. Payet is more of a finisher than a creator. Always in around the box to finish any parries that the keeper make. Not sure if needs replacing but so far he been doing a job.

Moutinho: Sluggish. Other than his good passing stats and set pieces, not really a player i want to run in a 3 man midfield. Its a shame because IF Moutinho was a revelation to me in 13 but 2nd time using moutinho he is now used for chemistry reasons. Shame really.

Front Line

Lavezzi: Lacking option in Ligue 1 causing me to use him. Not as good as he was in 13 but one thing he is good at is finishing and the burst of speed. Not one of the top LW in FUT15 but does the job as well. Dont see many options to replace him so mainly there to get Cavani chemistry.

Cavani: BOSS. Have not bought Ibra this year yet, waiting for the crash but everytime i use him he has been somewhat a power player for me. Got destroyed by Cavani before and true to that he is a true out and out striker. Strong and finishes most chances he get and heads very well. Only problem is 3 star skills and weakfoot would prefer 4 star and above but cant really complain for someone who only cost 4k.

Nani: Wanted to stick a 5 star skiller in there. More of a creator than a finisher but given a chance he could finish his chances. For a Portugese RW, Quaresma outshines him. Might need to get a little more getting used to but right now Quaresma > Nani. No wonder yernited sold him


Team 2


Bravo: Best keeper in BBVA for me. Used him at the very beginning and always one of the first few names if im building a liga BBVA team. Only downside, abit on the shorter side but his reflexes are very good. A really bright spot in what seems a very underwhelming BBVA keepers this year on FUT15.

Ansaldi: Amazing! A surprise that not many people actually use him in their squads. For me personally, Marcelo is the best left back in BBVA followed by probably Ansaldi. Alba is fast but is very short and kind of weak while coentrao seems average when i use him. Definately someone to use when building a BBVA team. Only downside? NON RARE.

Miranda: A very good CB for his price. Strong in the tackle and is actually very good in the air but better defenders in the BBVA. A shout out to IF Mustafi who is very very good and also IF Diego godin if pace is not an issue for you.

Inigo: Another surprise package in the BBVA. Strong in the air and holds his own for being a non-rare card. Positioning is a bit dodgy at times but his pace helps him get into positions.

Juanfran: Good in FIFA13, still good in Fifa15. Most people would use De marcos for his "defending" abilities but for me juanfran offers more than marcos. Very good in the dribble and tackles very well when needs to. Only flaw is he is shorter and gets outshine by Ansaldi on the opposite end.


Xavi: MAESTRO. His freekicks are insane and of course his 91 passing is not a lie. Comfortable on the dribble and is my main * master in this team. Surprisingly good in the tackle as well and nothing less you could expect from a barca legend. A must buy for a passing team.

Krychowiak: Another surprise package in this BBVA team. Them strength, i dont think anyone can compete against him in a 1 on 1 air duel. Wins every header in midfield and has a fair share of winning headers in the box as well. Those that dont have a problem with having a slower paced midfield anchor definately recommend to use him. Only problem in a 3 man midfield you want your players to be fluid on the ball. Feels sluggish but makes up for it with good positioning and strength.

Isco: Dissapointed. Although showed improvement on the road to the title but definately feel sluggish on the ball. Isco in FIFA13 was smooth and silky but Isco in FUT15 feels sluggish. Definately looking to replace him but not much high attacking WR players in BBVA. Modric is way way better.


Griezmann: Wasnt impressed when i started using him but is growing on me in the last few games. Very good dribble and just like IRL his finishing is very good. Not as good as Reus or Neymar but good enough to win you games. Only downside for me is his 3 star weakfoot as i prefer my wingers to have 4* weakfoot to finish on either side.

Dos Santos: Everyone knows him. Finishing is good and its so good to dribble with him. Fleet footed and has no problems pulling off Skills with him. Only problem he is weak and BBVA has many more better attackers. Nevertheless a very good striker to have in any BBVA teams. Better than Rodrigo as well.

Vela: Shame. Had high hopes for him but issnt performing. Feels slow on the dribble and his 2* weak foot is really a problem. BBVA really lacks a right winger without spending a fortune. Wouldnt bother buying him again after im done with a BBVA team.

So anyone uses a relatively cheap teams in D1 and had any success ? Post your teams below and mention your star players. Interested in looking at new players to use in D1 before buying my ultimate team during TOTS.

Shout out to FCK_BENZ for sharing with me his 433(4) instructions. Thanks alot buddy.

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