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This trading method has gotten me around 100k, 200k and upto 300k+ fifa 15 coins daily. You guys won't regret using this method at all, trust me

Best FIFA Coins Trading Method after price caps! Must watch!

Hey guys! Have you been struggling trading now days that price caps have taken over? Well no more struggle anymore ! I'm here to share the good news! This method that I will be showing will make you lots of coins daily, and all you have to do is invest, relist and watch your cards sale.

This trading method has gotten me around 100k, 200k and upto 300k+ fifa 15 coins daily. You guys won't regret using this method at all, trust me. All my followers on twitch have done it and they have been making lots of profit everyday . Yes I have encounter people that were skeptical about my method , but once they tried it themselves they changed their minds and thanked me after all. And this is why I'm here today on the EA forums, I would like to help anyone that it's in need of coins . All you need to start this trading method is just 15k/20k.

Oh yea one more thing, what's the difference between this method and other ones? It's that this one is EFFECTIVE AND SAFE. You will never lose coins. I know there's people out there that trade with informs, I get it... but with this market and how ea updates the prices randomly, I would NEVER RECOMMEND trading with informs or high rated players.

So I'm guessing you guys want proof right? Well here's some of my sales I made today.

Il be showing how to do this method live on twitch tonight. make sure you tune in! I'm more than happy to help everyone ! Any questions? Just ask

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Now before you start shouting at your computer screen, imagine that FIFA 16 has just launched today, you are about to open your first few packs to build a EPL team. You have generated about 1 million fifa 15 coins


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My best sale from this method was a SIF De Gea for 300k FIFA 15 Coins that I picked up for 120k - Still no idea how that happened but not complaining!


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