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And this team i'm using atm is incredible. Ronaldo (273 goals and 85 assists in 181 games) and FIFA Messi (117 goals and 88 assists in 181 games) are unstoppable

Best 2 FIFA teams you've played with?

I know no team is perfect, doesn't matter which team you use you will lose some day, but which are the best teams you have used? You know, the ones that won you a lot of division titles in a row with almost perfect records, had a brick wall in defense and rarely conceaded more than 1 goal per game.

This team was insane I guess because people didn't expect much from it and didn't tryhard that much, Iniesta was my best player. Won like 3 division 1 titles in a row without losing a single game.

And this team i'm using atm is incredible. Ronaldo (273 goals and 85 assists in 181 games) and FIFA Messi (117 goals and 88 assists in 181 games) are unstoppable. Neymar is so easy to use on the ball, Bale doesn't score or assist that much but he's one of the most important players since he tracks back to help Alves, TOTY Luiz at CDM is AMAZIIIIINGG, he's like a cheap Gullit, Kroos is really good. TOTY Ramos-TOTY Silva is definately the best CB pair in the game, they're just amazing, i have conceded only 1 goal (penalty) in last 6 games!!

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