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As we all know, many believe Fifa has a scripting/handicap/momentum feature. Most of us are obviously sensible people, and we understand that EA would never try to force us into paying more money than we already do

Bad coding in Fifa 15?

Hello guys. 

As we all know, many believe Fifa has a scripting/handicap/momentum feature. Most of us are obviously sensible people, and we understand that EA would never try to force us into paying more money than we already do. Nor would they introduce a system in order for bad players to easily beat good fifa players. 

I know you're probably asking, where am I going with this? Well, it's simple.. it's not their fault. 

Nope. It's not their fault that they're bad at making games. Let's face it. A player getting a goal from a cross merely brushing the hand of your defender and the ball decide to pop in between your keepers legs? It's not scritping come on. If it happens again.. well, tough luck. Like I said, it's bad coding. They can't do their job properly. 

Momentum? Pfft, please. Goals can be scored at any minute during a match, it's not their fault you lose focus during the later stages before halftime. Just because the chip was from 50 yards out in between the hands of a goalkeeper not even reacting doens't mean EA is trying to take your money away! Besides.. there are plenty of players playing offline and in career mode that are having these problems. Why? Because of the bad coding. Or they're just not very good at the game. 

And just because some 16-year old winger pushed aside Vincent Kompany, or Sergio Ramos with ease doesn't mean the game is boosting their stats. It happens, not very often but still. Some days even Neuer is a worse goalkeeper than Luis Suarez! It doesn't mean the game is scripted. Some players just have bad days. And have you seen Luis Suarez? He could be anything. I know, because he tackles better than he shoots sometimes. Atleast when I use him he does, he always seem to hit the woodwork.. and whenever I face him he's the greatest defender of all time hahah, but back to the point!

It's either bad coding, or realism. Those are the only possible reasons. Let's face it, EA tend to mess up their games a whole lot. Just because they haven't managed to fix this series yets just point to them working on other things. Like how Fifa 16's goalkeepers will catch the ball after a corner then shoot your defenders/opposition strikers from inside just for the striker to get an easy tap-in. They know what they're doing. 

Well, except for the coding, hahah. 

Conclusion: Scripting, handicap nor momentum exists in Fif- 

Oh.. well what's this then? 

Is.. is that the database of our beloved Fifa?! My god yes it is, what does it say? 

Match intensity..? Oh. Hahah, I told you. 

There's no such thing as scripting, momentum or handicap. It's called match intensity. Also bad coding.

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