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The last week or so this game has felt so sluggish. Whatever formation or team im using its the same....slow passes, FIFA players turning like tanks.

Awful FIFA gameplay

The last week or so this game has felt so sluggish. Whatever formation or team im using its the same....slow passes, players turning like tanks.

I've won 4 of my last 5 games (the other being a draw) but it's not fun whatsoever.

Using 41212 atm and need 1 won from 2 games to go up to Div 2 but i want to enjoy the formation aswell.

Whats a good, fun formation to use? I like to pass and try to keep the ball (hard with the slow gameplay) until i see an opening to send a ST through on goal (ground through ball). Im not the best defender but i also dont like it if i have less than 5/6 chances in a game.

I cant work the false 9 and i dont really like the 4231 (2) as i struggle to create chances.

As i said, im winning games but its just not fun....recomendations for a fun formation appriciated.

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