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So I just had a game against one of the biggest jerks in the fifa game apparently.

Any way to fight this fifa BS online exploit?

So I just had a game against one of the biggest jerks in the fifa game apparently. 

The guy won by using a very silly exploit, which as far as I know, its impossible to counter. 

What did he do? He lost time. 

Heres the thing: Since the game begun, the guy was just passing back and forth to his players, as soon as he grabbed the ball, he went to his side of the field, and passed the ball amongst the 3 defenders and the goalkeeper. 

This went on until about 30 minutes, then he started playing normally. He scored a goal, and after that, yeah you guess right, he went back to his time loss strategy. 

"This is allowed in real life!" yeah it is, but in real life it would never happen, because opposing players will be screwing up the defenders by intercepting them or just waiting next to them and tackling as soon as they got the ball. 

And as far as I know, you cant control 2 players at once in the game, and the problem is, the AI simply wont assign my other players to cover the opponent's defenders. So I am stuck with ONE player trying to get the ball and its obviously impossible, because the jerk will make a pass as soon as my player is close, and I'll have to run back to get it again, which will again, be impossible. 

I tried switching to literally the most aggressive formation, to no avail, the problem persisted: My attackers simply didnt marked the opponent players, they simply sat back waiting for the player I was controlling to get the ball. 

The AI is even designed to stop as soon as the player you're controlling does, so I couldnt just stay still and hope they'd attack, because they'd actually do the opposite. 

Is there something to be done? Or I will always be vulnerable to that *?

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