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Continue listening to consumers and truly make judgements and changes that benefit the game and make it gear towards your vision for FIFA 17 and not go backwards

A sincere outlook on FIFA 16

There are moments when we can 'play beautiful' or have our own moments of magic in the game.

I sincerely know that all our thoughts can get lost in constant negativity and pessimism. However, my comments reflect my passion and desire for the series to stay faithful to delivering a game that strives for realism each year. There needs to be some human out there who is either a moderator or an EA employee to truly dig deep in your heart instead of your pocket and consider what your fans and your true 'money-makers' are saying. Continue with your passion and believe in your product. Whether my suggestions get lost in the hundreds of other comments, it feels like my own contribution at least. Slow down your game. Perhaps motion capture many more players rather than just Messi to truly capture the essence and diversity of the beautiful game.

Below are a few key issues that I am sure many FIFA players can agree with:

- Biased Match Day Atmosphere: I am slowly growing weary of seeing the BPL getting all the authentic treatment, and other huge leagues, such as Serie A, La Ligua etc. to only have a few stadiums, chants and scanned players. You create the stadiums once and virtually never have to do them again. Stadiums in real life hardly ever change much over the years.

- Commentary: for all players around the world to experience the multicultural beauty that is football (soccer), players in North America should be able to have access to all commentary languages, such as Italian, German, etc.) People in Canada and USA speak many languages, and would like to have more authentic feeling when playing in different leagues. I was teased to have them during early access version, only to have the languages omitted when I buy the game.

- Sliders: addition of new sliders, such as USER/CPU header accuracy, USER/CPU A.I. pass interception efficiency, USER/CPU teammate defensive and offensive awareness (effectiveness of teammate AI to help on defence and make occasional clearances, tackles etc.), A.I. Difficulty slider (similar to NHL series), A.I. Learning slider (effectiveness of CPU to learn your gameplay style and adjust tactics accordingly)

-Dynamic CPU A.I. Have the CPU play differently every game, perhaps by giving us an option to download User player data online similar to Forza Motorsport dynamic Cloud A.I.

Game speed: simply add a "very slow" setting for people like in Madden or an overall speed slider. Also, acceleration slows down game, but currently decreasing it evenly for both USER and CPU such as 49/49, just makes it easy to abuse pace and beat the defenders.

Continue listening to consumers and truly make judgements and changes that benefit the game and make it gear towards your vision for FIFA 17 and not go backwards. Sure, sales decrease and increase over the years, but that is because people are always panicking at any sense of change or difficulty. Soccer (football) is about patience and occasional moments of magic and pace. The 'moments of magic' and 'play beautiful' can still be kept true if the developers at EA treat FIFA as not just a job and/or money-maker, but an actual game fans want to enjoy but it seems to be tailored to the casual over time. That is why sliders and tutorials are available to make the game easier for people who find it hard.

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