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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: App Pick

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is simply the best soccer game around for mobile devices. Puching Zhang reviews.


EA Sports release new Mike Dean FIFA 17 FUT card

EA Sports have today released a new FIFA Ultimate Team card in honour of Premier League referee and online cult sensation Mike Dean.


Living pitches, emotional intelligence and improved goalkeepers - but has gameplay improved?

FIFA is a bit like Cristiano Ronaldo - you can pretty much guarantee it's going to hit the back of the net. But is it a stunning screamer from 30 yards or a scrappy finish?


FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: 15 Best Cheap Hidden Gems

FIFA 17 is finally here, and Ultimate Team has never been bigger. Debuting in FIFA 09, FUT has gradually become FIFA’s most popular game-mode, and has been transformed from a virtual Panini album to one of EA Sports’ greatest innovations over its lifespan.


The biggest new feature in FIFA 15 is the new Emotional Intelligence aspect of players

The FIFA 15 Demo is available to download on Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox 360, ThePlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.On PC it's the first taste of the Ignite engine previously reserved for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and it looks good.


I think you need to talk to the NPC that gives the Golden Miner Armour

If you have Varrock armor and Golden Mining Suit you should wear full mining suit since it'll give you both Varrock armor bonus and Golden Suit bonus opposed to wearing Varrock armor and only getting Varrock armor bonus.

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